Assessment Overview

Assessment Overview

Stage 1: Speaking.

Task 01: The assessor engages candidate in conversation on subjects of personal interest and daily life.

Task 02: The assessor will ask the candidate to speak on his/her own for about a minute on a subject they are given. The candidate has one minute to prepare. The assessor asks brief follow-up questions related to what candidate has said.

Stage 2: Listening.

Task 03: The assessor explains the topic and asks the candidate to listen for the first time and tell them what the talk is generally about.

Task 04: The assessor asks the candidate a specific information question. This will be to explain the two sides of the argument presented in the talk. The candidate is encouraged to take notes while listening. The candidate details the two sides according to what they heard.

Stage 3: Reading.

Task 05: The assessor explains that the candidate will have 10 minutes to read the text and answer the five questions. These could be matching headings or matching specific information to paragraphs.

Task 06: The assessor emails a shorter text, candidate is asked to read the text and summarise it in one sentence. The candidate must use their own words as far as is possible.

Stage 4: Writing.

Task 07: Assessor emails the candidate for the final time with an essay question related to the text just summarized. Candidate has thirty minutes to plan and write an essay as a reply to the email. Minimum of 300 words.